The Last Guardian

She realized it was too late when the sharp edge of the knife cut into her skin. Although she had been living in constant fear since she was 10, this was a level she had never experienced before and she prayed with all her heart that it would go away but nothing seemed to change.

‘Pleaseee stop!!!!!’  She desperately begged but her pleas were like music to her attacker’s ears.

‘This will get better when you tell us where you hid it or this knife goes straight through your eyes next,’ He replied in a very husky voice.

At that moment she realized there was someone else in the room, she had not even noticed the petite figure loitering in the corner. The shadows seem to wrap around the figure like a blanket or an extension of the figure’s clothing and even though she could not tell if the figure was male or female, she could discern from the cold bright eyes piercing through the darkness that this was someone who knew no mercy.

When the figure spoke, his voice was gentle, soothing and almost enchanting like he was whispering words of love to his lover. He asked where it was; she considered telling him for just a moment but she knew if she gave up the location, her life would be over and what she had spent half her life protecting would fall in the hands of those who would use it to destroy what they all held most dear. The pain was becoming unbearable and she could feel her life force draining, her thoughts felt muddled and her eyes were starting to sting. So she did the only thing she could, she called upon the strength of her ancestors and as she felt the well of energy filling with every cell in her body turning into pure energy, she remembered what her father always told her.

‘You are raw power my dear and remember, do not release it until you have no other choice’

At the same time, she could hear the man screaming and in his voice she felt the horror as he realized his mistake.

‘Don’t let her!!!!!!’ he screamed

But it was too late then she felt a sharp pain in her head, then it was over.


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