Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses

This book is the latest on my list of finished books and believe me, it had been a long time coming. I had a very hard time reading this book because I knew that once I started, I won’t want to stop till the last page had been read and that was exactly what happened.

I had the book in my kobo app for nothing less than three months just staring at it and wishing the sequel was out so I didn’t have to miss the characters too much but the temptation was too strong and finally I descended on the book like a fae wolf devouring a young doe.

Sarah J Maas as usual delivered on this wonderful book even though some had problems with it. Without reading any of the reviews on it, I immediately recognized the very glaring similarity between the story and that of beauty and the beast but with Sarah‘s magnificent twist to it. I had a total fan girl moment while I was reading about Tamlin and was seriously trying to compare him to Rowan in the Throne of Glass series. The book delivers a specific angle to beauty and the beast and explores other areas the contemporary novelists might not have explored and gives a much needed view into the fae court and what it would look like if we mere mortals were allowed in with the immortals.

Others may argue that this subject has been breached by the Twilight series but for one, Bella never really hated or had an idea that vampires or werewolfs existed before meeting Edward and his family nor did she have Feyre‘s very sharp tongue and her general personality and neither did Belle. I feel her character is what Celaena/Aelin would have been like if she had grown up in her father’s court and been the princess she was born to be (we all know that girl was born to be a rebel).

Another notable character in the book is the very sassy Lucien who will just blow your mind away. That fae would have been one handsome devil except for the mad-eye moody inspired (I think) eye he has. His relationship with Feyre was that of a naughty older brother who won’t stop playing pranks on you just because he enjoys watching you squirm and really who doesn’t like tormenting their younger sibling huh? I know I do.

But overall, this book is a real roller-coaster ride and it will keep you glued to it till the very last page even though some of its next steps were pretty predictable but you will enjoy it nonetheless.

P.S: I finished the book under 24 hours while working and engaging in other activities so if you don’t like suspense, be warned 


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