Book Review: Kings and Sorcerers

Morgan Rice is a writer who is known for his almost identical writing style with Christopher Paolini (The author of the Eragon series) but with a very distinct difference from the famed author. Morgan‘s novels for one are not exactly lengthy and they tend to be disjointed in a way ‘no offense’ but I don’t find that fascinating at all.SPOILERS AHEAD……………………………

The Kings and Sorcerers series is a compilation of 6 books in total with 5 books already released and the 6th to be released this February. This book follows the story of several people in the Kingdom of Escalon which has been occupied by the Pandesian ruled by an overly self-absorbed man that calls himself His Glorious Ra. But most notable of these people is the main protagonist herself Kyra who is said to have a great destiny with a prophesy that proclaims that but to my disappointment after reading all 5 already released books, I don’t still know what the prophesy is. I mean, what’s up with that Morgan? My original euphoria about the book is starting to wane and I’m getting really bored. The only reason I am still reading is because I want to know what will happen with Kyra and what the stupid prophesy is about.

I mean we have dragons which is supposed to make the whole ride interesting but all they have been able to do with the exception of Theon(The baby dragon) is breath fire for no reason except to annihilate everything in sight and the baby. Kyra faces lots of challenges and tends to do things her own way a lot which ends up bad most of the time but I still like her needlessly and she has this sort of weird relationship with Kyle that can’t exactly be explained or called a love story but let’s see how that will play out in book 5.

Merk,Alec and Dierdre are still a mystery to me, I don’t know what their role is in the story but I guess book 5 should answer that question as well. After reading each book, I have more questions than answers and I get more confused so I hope the book 5 helps me clear all that up.

And I guess I have to thank Morgan Rice for helping me get over my Court of Thorns and Roses heartbreak with this very un-captivating series.

P.S: The first book was very good but the follow-ups were the flops.



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