Book Review: The Orphan Queen

This is my first Jodi Meadows book and boy was I mesmerized by it. This book kept me up all night and I haven’t slept a wink since then, my head kept on telling me to go to sleep but my heart was like way to go girl, one more chapter and we will stop but to my very excited surprise, this book just kept on getting better every chapter till I just had to finish it.

It might seem like a cliche story and I even guessed most of the suspense meant to wow us from the moment I read them but it was still fun to read. A classic tale of forbidden magic, bored royals, lost kingdoms, forced marriages and palace gossips that will get your imaginative mind really going. Wil or Wilhelmina is a princess/queen who lost her family along with her kingdom at a very young age and had to slum it in the gutters just like everyone along with her rag-tag of orphaned nobles who call themselves The Ospreys. Wil is such a sweetheart and she reminds me a bit of Aelin from Throne of Glass without the assassin pedigree and the naughty attitude but don’t mind me, I love Aelin so much that I see her in every strong female character I read about.

Prince Tobiah on the other hand is the bored uninterested prince who seem like he is just doing stuffs because his parents said he should or at least that’s what he wants everyone to think especially his so called fiancee and then we have James, the prince’s cousin and bodyguard who is somewhat smitten with Wil but won’t admit because of his cousin or so it seems to me. Patrick, the leader of the ospreys is what I call a douche; he displays the trait you will find in most dominating men who think of others as collateral damage as long as it gets them what they want and he won’t back down even when his future queen told him to. Then we have the Black Knife, a vigilante who fights crime in the city and captures criminals and magic users for the police to arrest who ended falling in love with Wil who is both a magic user and a criminal herself.

This book will get you hooked like it got me so read and let’s see if you like it.



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