Rick Riordan: He made Greek myths sexy

I remember when I first came across his work, it was The Last Olympian and I later learnt is was the last installation of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series so I began my search for the other books so I don’t miss anything. It took a while to get all my ebooks ducks in a row but when I started, I could not let go of my iPad and I just kept on going till the end.

For someone who originally loved the ancient Greeks, Rick made me love them even more with his smart way of relating Percy’s point of view of the gods and their many many many talents and faults which he doesn’t make fail to make fun for his readers. I guessed he must be a very funny, sarcastic and most of all, a very mischievous person to come up with characters such as Percy, Leo, Frank and Grover who for one make the series very compelling to read especially The Heroes of Olympus series. Snide comments, near-death scenarios, gods and monsters with massive grudge keeping issues are many more are what makes this writer one of my favorite of all the young adult/fantasy genre writers and I have read every single one of his books even the short stories like Demigod Files and others.

Then the Kane chronicles got me again, he brought in another one of my favorite ancients (The Egyptians) whose history has always been an element of joy for me and I guess he is as much into history as I am. The Kane chronicles is another attempt to bring to life long standing stories and myths that have been passed down through generation of one of the greatest civilizations of all time and he tells it well too. You should see the gods through Sadie and Carter Kane‘s eyes and you will definitely not be disappointed. He made it even better by writing short stories about Greek and Egyptian crossovers to bring the world of Camp Halfblood and the Kane together and it is just magical.

Now we have the Asgardians in the mix and although it is just beginning, I will like to see where this leads.

His website: http://www.rickriordan.com/

Twitter: @camphalfblood (follow to see what he has been up to)

Next book is about Apollo, The Greek god so watch this space for when I review it after reading.



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