Book Review: A Cage of Deceit(Reign of Secrets series)

I have to be honest with you guys, I am not a huge fan of sequels as they tend to destroy your illusion of the previous books and I am so glad I was proved wrong with this book. Jennifer Anne Davis has done it again and proved that she can not only right a good sequel, she can make it original as well.

The differences and similarities between the two series are equally marched which gives it even more substance as you get to fall in love with all the things you liked about The True Reign series all over again and then some. The story involves more suspense and intrigue and more concealing than the previous one and it was so obvious that Jennifer had grown as a writer since The True Reign series.

The story follows Emperor Darmik and Empress Rema’s daughter, Allyssa who is the best of both her parents. She is stubborn like her mother and a fighter like her father and has all of the same attributes Rema and Darmik were well prized for in the previous series and she is so likable too. Then we meet her adversary/future husband, Prince Odar who is everything a prince should be but nothing Allyssa wants in a man and with a war hanging over their heads, she was well aware that their kingdom needed the alliance, she had to go along with the ruse for her kingdom and family; the only problem is Prince Odar’s squire Jarvik who is rude, obnoxious and very irritating and seem to not like Allyssa at all. He is very particular about how she is not behaving like a normal princess at the same time seemed too much like one but they slowly gravitate towards one another and develop a kind of understanding of themselves. Jarvik sort of reminds me of Savanek from the True Reign series and it almost felt like Jennifer was making up for what happened to him in the previous series by making him into Jarvik.

I am particularly curious about what will happen in the next book as the mother of all cliffhangers was dropped in this book and I also want to know the secret that Rema and Darmik were referring to when they were talking about protecting the royal line.

P.S: This book is way better than the previous series and it can be read alone without reading the previous series so let’s get reading, shall we?;)😱😍😋


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