Book Review: The True Reign Series

This series is the first time I’ve read anything from Jennifer Anne Davis and I must say that I’m impressed beyond words. The books are not particularly lengthy but they pack a pretty mean punch of excitement and intrigue.

The series starts with the first book,  The Key with a very exciting prologue that introduces you to the plot of the series sending a message that the series was going to be about a girl trying to get back her kingdom and those that will help her achieve it, So pretty solid huh?

It continues with Rema’s current life and encounter with Darmik who is supposedly the new prince and her enemy but wait, there’s more. Apart from the fact that it was kind of love at first sight, Darmik had an elder brother hell bent on taking everything that belonged to him including the girl he could not ♥ but unfortunately did. Then it was revealed to him that she was the lost princess that threatens the safety of the throne and his cruel family. The series then follows with Rema’s execution for treason then rescue by the rebels and her life with them before she was again captured to be killed in Emperion. Another character worth mentioning is Savanek, the boy who fell for Rema in the rebel camp as it seems like Rema had boys falling for her left and right. He is very much like Darmik except he doesn’t have his refined attitude but you will definitely love him too. This girl is strong, stubborn, opinionated and very sweet with her dashing prince who is equally strong, loving and respectable; they will both captivate you and pull you into their world which you will never want to leave and another thing,  the book is written through both their eyes so you get a sense of what and how they feel, what drives them, how conflicted they are and much more and you will love them for it.

This is one book, you should definitely read.

P.S: It consists of The Key,  Red and War so you can buy your copy or download through one of the apps. You won’t regret it,  I promise. ;);););););)


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