First Meeting

The night sky seems to be mocking me as it was exceptionally bright and beautiful this night. I wore a frown intended to chase away any man that would have been tempted to call my attention as I walked to the tavern to have some much needed ale but being a self conscious person, I made sure my dagger was still hidden in my my boots. As I made sure I wasn’t been followed by my overbearing elder brother who would like nothing more than to hold my hand in public asserting his manliness which I so hate. 

“Hey pretty lady” said a buff man who seem to be in his early thirties and rather drunk but I paid him no heed as I kept on walking and thinking about all the things my parents said before I left the house. I was to be married next week to a man I barely know who could be as old as my father for all I care and they even dared to justify it by saying I was of marrying age and it was my duty to the household to pair myself with a good match.

“A good match, are you kidding me?, Alec never has to worry about this irrelevant issue and you would not force something like this on him but because I am a girl, I deserve it right?” I yelled as they sat there staring at me like I had done the impossible, they never had the problem since their own parents were friends and they didn’t have many choices in their village.

I slammed the door with them still sitting on the couch and staring at me as I walked out on them. I have always dreamt of being free to travel and see the city and falling in love with a man who saw only me and my age or a little bit older not someone I have never met before but mum told me I might like him, like I had a choice in the matter but going to the tavern always cleared my head since I was walking into the loudest place ever. The noise always seem to calm me  and I get to be distracted by brawls and barmaids buzzing about doing their work and flirting with the veterans.

As I walked into the bar straight to my spot, I took a sit and stared into the void taking in the scenery and enjoying the noise that seemed to drown out the echo of my parent’s voices still in my head. Then a man of about twenty walked by my table and stopped then said “May I sit with you?” as the table was meant for two, I said “Feel free” even though I would have preferred to sit alone undisturbed.

“Are you waiting for someone?” said the man as he signaled for the barmaid to bring him a pint of ale.

“Do I need to be waiting for someone to sit in a tavern?” I said looking at him

“I’m sorry but it is just unusual for a woman to sit alone at the tavern since most don’t enjoy it much” said the man as he took a sip from his cup.

“Oh, women are supposed to sit at home and enjoy needlepoint, shouldn’t they?” I said tilting my head sideways to appear sarcastic.

“I didn’t mean it like that; you are very unusual and you don’t even wear women’s clothes, you look like you are about to throw down any man who comes to you and I was even surprised when you allowed me to sit with you” said the man and he smiled

For the first time, I noticed how handsome he looked but didn’t really think much of it as I am still reeling from the news I had just received at home. Then I remember my curfew which was ridiculous but I didn’t want to be shipped off earlier than I needed to so i stood up abruptly almost spilling ale on the man.

“I’m sorry but I have to go home” I said as I walked out of the tavern but heard footsteps behind me.

“Excuse me, wait” someone yelled so I turned and saw the man from my table running towards me then I stopped.

“What?” I said

“You didn’t tell me your name” said the man breathing heavily

“You didn’t ask” I said

“Well, I’m asking now” He said

“Asryen” I said

“Nice to meet you, Asryen, I’m Blyan”



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