Book Review: Truthwitch

I have waited for this book since kobo brought it to my attention late last year but I admit I didn’t take note of the release date so it was a surprise to me when I started seeing reviews of it on goodreads but I swear I didn’t read them so they don’t cloud my judgement.

Susan Dennard writes at a pace that is similar to that of a music that evolves with every stanza till it reaches its peak. I admit in the beginning, I was a little bit confused and really doubted my need to read the book but it could have been the terrible heat talking as I felt like I was drowning in the book’s language and couldn’t understand some of the characters. But as I forged on, I started to gain understanding of the characters and then gradually love them especially Merik and Safiya.

The story follows a wild girl with an unusual gift who longed to be free of her life as a domna and run away with her threadsister, Iseult. The two girls encounter difficulties in their attempt to escape their lives and live free by themselves where people can’t condemn them for what or who they were. Trained as soldiers and apparently with some hidden talents that included stealing or liberating from the undeserving as I’m sure they would have loved to call it and so in tune with one another that they complement each other. They started out getting in trouble for their very special talents which earned them a lifetime chase by a bloodwitch who could heal himself no matter how much you hurt him and then another chase when Safiya ran away from the emperor.

The love-hate story between Merik and Safiya was especially very intriguing as they were both hotheaded and stubborn but seem to have an hot and cold relationship. It pained me that we couldn’t see more of the development of that relationship after they decided to put all pretenses aside and accept they were attracted to one another but at least we got see the love grow.

I will really like to know what Merik’s reaction would be when he finds out what Safiya sacrificed for him or if he’ll go after her and how Iseult will develop as a weaverwitch.

P.S: You will never want to drop the book once you get the hang of it, trust me.


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