Book Review: Wings of Arian (Solus series)

What can I really say about this book? I have never been at a dilemma with any book before so this one is a first for me. Devri Walls played a good game with this but certain things are still giving me mixed feelings about it. I am not exactly sure if to shout yipeee or to say oh well, it’s good but I can definitely say this that it is not so bad that you will not enjoy reading it. If I were to give it a number rating, I’d say 5/10 so I guess that is a pretty good score and it’s worth reading.

The first thing that caught my eye about the book was the heroine’s name Kiora, which reminds me of The Lion King II, same name as Simba’s daughter and I guess Devri was a big fan or maybe just coincidence but I think not. Her character is somewhat similar to that of Simba’s daughter too except this girl is not as strong physically but the stubbornness, kind heart and being opinionated is all Kiora. She is super powerful too which paints a pretty big target on her back against the bad guy whom I am already seeing as Lord Voldemort incarnate even though I don’t know why or maybe because the guy is not only powerful but also possesses everything I loved about The Dark Lord. We also have a very old powerful sorceress whom Dralazar is sort of scared of but doesn’t interfere until the others are in dire situations, Dumbledore anyone? except that Eleana is a woman and was described as beautiful, no offense Dumbledore.

The world building is a bit dull tho, I know they all live in this tiny valley but I can’t exactly picture it and I want to picture the world my characters are living in so it serves as a basis for my imagination but it is only the first book so let’s see what the book 2 will improve on. Character description is a bit better than the world itself and the book does not disappoint on that level, each character’s role is very distinct and well concocted especially the description of the some species but she fell short while describing others such as the guardians or hounds.

Next, Kiora and Emane’s relationship is what is most confusing about this book. In all aspect, they have a pretty solid relationship, not exactly parasitic like we see in some books but the process of falling for each other wasn’t exactly explained. It felt like they hated each other one day and the next, they were in love even though it was obvious from the beginning that Emane was in love with Kiora.

The book is worth reading tho so please read and let me know what you think?

P.S: Emane is such a sweetheart so read because of him. Pleasssssseeeeee


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