Book Review: Wings of Tavea (Solus series)

Now this is more like it. Starting this book was sort of hard for me since the last one wasn’t up to the standard I’d expect from a very good young adult book but as I forged on, I realized it was so much better that the first installment.

Devri walls improved really well with this book and now, my expectation for the next two books is really high. All the problems I had with the previous book was well addressed in this one as I could see that she paid more attention to details and efficiently inserted characters that were immediately loved as well as aspects of their world that could potentially become more in the other books. She is still struggling with the world development tho but I can easily picture this one compared to the other so it took me only 1 day to complete the book.

Kiora‘s character really grew in this book but it was a shame that Emane was sort of left behind in pursuit of the new character Alcander who appears to be Kiora‘s new love interest completing the triangle for her and who happens to be as big of an jerk as Emane was before I fell in love with him. Even though I felt she did Emane a great injustice by making Kiora have feelings for Alcander, I still like the fact that she allowed the love to grow this time not that we were just forced to accept it like Kiora and Emane’s.

I also loved the fact that as it turns out, Dralazar was not the worst thing that could have happened to Kiora and that she had more to worry about that just him. She had to worry about evil itself that is the reason the gates were built in the first place and also come to terms with being the saviour of not just her valley but the entire world. She is now expected to go on a very daunting and very dangerous quest to retrieve good from where evil has hidden it and restore it back to a world that is desperately in need of good.

P.S: Devri, why does Emane always have to play “damsel in distress”? Just asking


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Wings of Tavea (Solus series)

  1. I’m glad this book was better than the first for you! It’s always worrying when you start a series and the first book isn’t great. But series that get better and better over time are one of my favourite things.


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