Book Review: Wings of Nestor(Solus series)

I want you guys to know that 1st, I love this series and I would read it all over again someday when I don’t have other books pending but really Devri, you just had to have a love triangle and totally break my heart?

Kiora is still the same whiny girl she had been since the first book but just a little bit less and her crying ability hasn’t decreased one bit. The girl really has a gift for that I swear, she cries about everything. Although Devri had made it clear since book 1 that Emane and Kiora might not end up together, I still had hope that she would later fall madly in love with the guy and live happily ever after but I guess she had other ideas.

When Kiora started that stupid speech about how she loved Emane and wished things were different and she could touch his and kiss him, I was like boo woo, you can’t kiss him does not mean you fall into the hands of the next available prince, sorry Alcander but Emane is my first love. Then she had the guts to still tell the guy she still loved him like they were playing some sick Twilight series love triangle.


The evil is more bad ass tho, I mean even Dralazar could not match the cruelty of The Shadow a.k.a Jasmine. She is so determined to snuff out all light magic that she would do anything to ensure that every one of her father’s creation was destroyed i.e she has daddy issues. Drustan is the light of the whole story, the guy is funny, creative and a little bit crazy if you asked me and I love him most as in right after Emane that is and he is a shifter too with a very funny sense of humor and an uncanny ability to tick off Emane and Alcandar alike.

If you have already started this series, keep reading you will find this fascinating.

P.S: If you have not, read when you have nothing else to read


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Wings of Nestor(Solus series)

  1. I skimmed through this review because I didn’t want to read any spoilers, I haven’t even heard of this series but obviously I need to get my hands on a copy of book 1 ASAP! 🙂


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