5 things I love about Sarah J Maas

Towards the end of last year, I found a wonderful book that had me questioning so many things and built my love for this awesome author. I confess that I saw the first Throne of Glass cover and I was like will I like this book? will it be interesting? will I like the characters? and so many more questions. Because of these questions, it sat in my kobo app for quite some time till I finished some other book that I don’t even remember the title anymore but my heart said try it, you might love it and so I did and it has been one of the best book choices of my life.

Creativity: Sarah is clearly an author whose creativity is of the best qualities. She builds her characters like she had observed them her whole life and she knows exactly what drives them, how they react to situations as if they were living beings and I admire that level of attentiveness that I would love to meet her some day and have an honest talk with her about her writing process.

Imagination: Have you even seen world building on her level before? I have and most of them are from the greats which she definitely belongs in. I have never seen, felt or smelt snow before but this wonderful woman gave me a very good and descriptive version of it that I can see myself making a snow angel especially with the description of the snow covered forest in Court of Thorns and Roses. Her imagination must be very vivid to build the things she builds and the worlds she comes up with, even her description of her characters is so on point that I can see them clearly in my mind.

Literacy: Her words are fluent and understandable that anyone could read them without being confused, I swear that woman aims to please. Some authors whether knowingly or not sometimes lose their readers along the way but Sarah doesn’t and that is remarkable because you read in the same language and at the same pace from start to finish and with no exception or hindrances.

Her WOW factor: Sarah brings it from start to finish and leaves you wanting more and she has certainly won my heart because of it to the extent that I have refused to read the novelas from Throne of Glass for fear of being heartbroken when I can no longer read about Aelin. She tries her very best to deliver the worst of news in the best of ways that you have no choice but to keep reading and know where it will all end and I know this is on purpose.

Her obsession with the Faeries: You can tell she was the kind of child who loved fairies tales growing up and not the sweet princess finding her prince kind but the original stories that drives fear into the hearts of the strongest of men and I love her for it. The love for magic and everything it brings is so strong that we can’t help but see it from her angle and view their world through her eyes.

I love this woman very much and I haven’t been this smitten with an author since Christopher Paolini and let me tell you, she is definitely a close second in my book.


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