Book Review: Wings of Lomay (Solus series)

Yes guys, we have come to the end of this magical series and I mean it literarily. Even though I expected what happened towards the end and I expected the death, I was still greatly heartbroken so that’s why I could not bring myself to write this review even though I had finished the book almost 3 days now.

One, Kiora got what she wanted in the end but lost good people and dragons along the way. She had to let go of her fear of hurting people or people getting hurt to achieve this but the pain still remained. It is not that I don’t like the girl but I found her very whiny and that infuriates me especially since it seems that the guys in her life failed to see that as her vulnerability. Although it can also come across as strength sometimes especially when evil is involved but other times, you just want to smack her stupid face.


Two, Alcander creeped up on me; I mean before I realized what was happening, I had fallen in love with him especially since he made up with Emane and became more like a brother to a guy I really love. Yes, I love Emane and I’ll shout it out especially since they allowed him a more hands-on role in this last installment.

Three, what happened to Emane was totally unfair and uncalled for. Some might say it’s because I loved the boy and I agree with all my heart; like really Devri could not have found another ending for him. I remember that I cried like a little kid on the first day of school and all. I even had throw myself into another book to forget what happened so my heart could heal and don’t worry I’m telling you about the book next.


But overall, it was a good ending to a good story.

P.S: My heart still ache every time I think about Emane.



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