Book Review: Glass Sword

I can’t tell you how long I have been waiting for this book to be released. I was so excited when I found it even though it took all the measure of control I had to not read it but like always, I lost to the pull and I began the journey through Norta with my Red Queen and the Exiled Prince.

Victoria Aveyard performed exactly as expected and I can’t but say that the story was predictable and contains all the hallmark of how the rise of opposition usually is. But I also saw how she made Mare into someone unexpected, someone who made lots of mistakes over the course of the book and how those mistakes have shaped her current state of mind and how she sees things.

Mare no longer trusts anyone even those who are closest to her, she sees everyone as tools to be used and weapons to be trained. You can hardly blame her for that, it is only natural she reacts that way but the main question is, will she stay on that part or learn to see the good in people again like before? She has been drawn into a war she didn’t ask for, obligated to lead others who are like her, make life and death decisions, look after her family and also expected to remain the same Mare Barrow they all knew; how unfair right?

I felt sorry for her all through the whole book as I read how she slowly lost her friends and family and even her love as she was asked to carry a weight most people will quiver from even Cal. Cal sort of annoyed me in this book, I mean you should understand her better than anyone and even when she isn’t acting like herself, he should have seen through her mask but no, you had to accuse her of not caring for anyone even when she lost someone she held dearly above all others.

The book was truly a read, I expected the plot but at the same time enjoyed how it developed. Each character grew at their own pace and you could see how their fear of who Mare was becoming shaped them and how they saw her. Only Shade regarded his sister like he used to and treated her the same while the others could not deal with the new version of the same girl.

Maven only grew more cruel and his frantic need to possess Mare grew as well as was seen with the measures he took to deal with and capture Mare and her merry band of followers. I can never get over or understand that level of obsession with one person which also made him almost predictable and manipulative as he also knows Mare pretty well.

You should read this sequel and you will not be disappointed.

P.S: You will feel a bit frustrated at some things though but let it go and you will enjoy as much as I did.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Glass Sword

    1. I know lots of people had issues with the book and I did too but I actually liked some of the characters so I figured what the hell, I could at least know where the book is going and she just had to end this one in a cliffhanger too so that I will have to buy the next book. Shez Evilllllllllll


    1. I was sort of frustrated with her in Red Queen too but oddly enough, she’s not the reason I was looking forward to this book. She will frustrate you even more in this book as she had a sense of self importance but I still liked to see her that way.


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