Book Review: Rebel Spring(Falling Kingdom series)

This is the second book by Morgan Rhodes I had ever read and it was a great upgrade from the first as it was more put-together than the first one. The only reason I picked it up in the first place was out of curiosity especially about some of the characters I really liked and I was not disappointed. 

My own version of the book’s synopsis:

Now the walls have come down, Cleo’s family is dead and her country invaded while she was forced to live with the family that ruined hers, Jonas’s country has been usurped by the blood king, Lucia is in an extended coma and Magnus has been forced to endure the torture of living without the love of his life; his sister *yuck*

The plot in this book was more developed and we can easily see the overlap in the lives of all the major characters now unlike the previous one where most of the events took place individually. Although I am still not very okay with the world-building ability of the author but the characters are more defined now. Especially the two main characters, Cleo and Magnus who by the way were forced to be engaged to one another by Magnus’s father so as to calm the Auranians. Obviously, neither party is trilled by the news coupled with the fact that they could not get out of it.

This book also introduces lots of new characters like Alexius who is a watcher and was tasked with appearing to Lucia in her comatose state and help her increase her powers so Meleana can still it and use for her own purpose but he ended up falling in love with her *weird right?*. We also see Lysandra who is hell bent on getting her revenge on the new royal family of Mytica which is what the blood king is calling his newly united kingdoms while also slightly falling in love with Jonas. 

Looking forward to reading the next one.


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