Book Review: Iron Daughter (Iron Fey series)

Sequel to the Iron King, this book has as little intrigue as its predecessor. I love me a good love triangle especially when it’s interesting but it felt like the story drifted between wow and move it along. I scarcely known how to review this kind of book because it is not so bad that I have awful things to say about it, neither is it extremely good that I am just gushing about it so I am stuck in the in-between.

Meghan‘s journey picks up a few months after following Ash to the winter court where she met Mab and her other sons, Sage and Rowan. Rowan is more like the antagonist in this book as he seeks to destroy his younger brother, Ash by twisting what he has with Meghan and making sure he was out of favor with their mum. The Winter court was claimed to be cruel and calculative but we only met with few of the adversaries which was not enough for me to make my decision about the court. Although that is probably because Meghan didn’t spend much time there and the only people she dealt with were the royal family and the phouka.

Puck finally got to confess his feelings to Meghan but he could not have the worst timing ever. The guy had been in love with her for so long but he only got to tell her after she had already fallen head over heels for the handsome winter prince, bummer right? But aside from that, I felt like the story sounded vaguely familiar even though I can’t exactly put my finger on it or probably the story had been told several times and in several variations that this particular one doesn’t intrigue me at all.

P.S: You could read if you want but let me know what you think afterwards.


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