Book Review: Iron King (Iron Fey series)

I found this book while trolling through goodreads and saw it was about the faery land which led me to believe I might like it and as it turns out, I don’t know exactly how to feel about the book. Ratings on goodreads brings it to 3.9/5 which was my motivation but I want wonder, intrigue and love even if it is not stretched and all. I admit that I was expecting some good Sarah J Maas style of writing with her view of the faery world and that could be why I am not so into the book.

I get that some might have loved Julie Kagawa‘s view of the faery world which is similar to what most of us know about the faeries anyway. The plot is very predictable, a classic tale of girl doesn’t believe in things she can’t see until some tragedy forced her to change her opinion and into a world of danger, beautiful boys and royalty. The world building on the other hand was spot on as she really needed to explain the world of the fae to readers since we spend more than half of the book traipsing through the world of the faeries, moving from one court to another and meeting fantastic creatures that are likely to eat you, collect your first born child or trick you into making a deal with them just for saying “thank you” fun world, right?

Meghan is a sweet 16 year old girl who might have believed in faery tales growing up as a young adult, doesn’t like all of us but was given the greatest shock of her life when her half-brother was kidnapped by faeries and replaced with a changeling whose first act of defiance was to bite her. Then she discovered that all she thought was true was actually false; her best friend was a fae sworn to protect her, the man she thought was her father, wasn’t and her brother had been telling the truth all the while. On a mission to rescue her brother from the faery land, she discovers that all the faery tales derived from human imaginations and dreams were actually real and that she was part of this world.

The Shakespearean play, Midsummer’s night dream seem to be a great motivation for this book with characters like Robin Goodfellow, King Oberon and Queen Mab  making strong appearances in the book as well as other characters from other faery tales. As well as references to terms and known puns from books like Alice in Wonderland and others.

I am not all to psyched about the book though but I hope the next installment fairs better, I have started reading it and I expect to be convinced because I have half the mind to drop it.

P.S: If I don’t write a review about it, know I didn’t complete the book.


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