Book Review: Iron Knight (Iron Fey series)

It’s been 8 hours since I reviewed Iron Queen and here I am again reviewing Iron Knight so it’s official, I’m obsessed with the book that wasn’t so interesting to begin with :roll:😝😜 because I’m hopelessly in love with a certain winter fey ;);).

Reading this book felt nothing like its predecessors, I mean it was everything I expected the whole series to be about and only one thing made it work, yes you guessed right, it was Ash driving the story this time so there was no whiny little princess involved even though said princess is now a badass Queen. The book saw adversaries coming together to find the impossible and traveling to end of the world to do it. And if you are planning to read the book, you are in for a surprise because we get to see a softer side of Ash as well as his royal icyness and all he has to offer. You see the Ash from before Meghan as in when he was cruel, calculative and merciless.

Ash embarks on a journey that might well claim his life to become human so he can be with Meghan. He is accompanied by Puck, Grimalkin, The Seer (whom you will find out about when you read the book ;)) and another adversary. Puck as usual is doing this for Ash as well as Meghan but also for his own amusement and curiosity so is Grimalkin whom we know does things solely for his own benefit and amusement.

The book is wonderful to say the list and way better than any other one in the series so you won’t regret reading it.

P.S: It felt like I was reading one of Rick Riordan’s adventures so you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Iron Knight (Iron Fey series)

  1. Clearly I need to give this series another try! I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Iron King, but a lot of people love this series so I think I will try the next book. Is it a trilogy or a series? I’m confused haha. Great review! πŸ™‚


    1. Iron King wasn’t awesome at all, you might have to suffer through Iron Daughter to get to Iron Queen then Iron Knight. It’s not a trilogy but it also has another version, The Call of Forgotten which has 2 books for now.

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