Book Review: Iron Queen (Iron Fey series)

You might be wondering why I am still reading this series if I didn’t like it so much especially since I said as much in my last two reviews; my answer is one word, Ash. I might not be a fan of the entire series but I have always been a fan of forbidden love especially when it transcends race and time and Meghan and Ash‘s romance fits both criteria so I forged on.

Surprise, surprise, this book was by far the best of the entire series and I am glad I stuck with the series because this one showed Meghan in a new light and how I hope another related story will go and no, I will not mention the series I am referring to. Meghan and Ash were silently embracing their banishment from Faery when they were hit with another problem, another Iron King is on the throne and he wants Meghan at all cost to steal the power the dead king Machina transferred to her upon his death.

I sort of knew it was only a matter of time before she would be expected to become the queen and that Oberon and Mab will have to lift her ban along with Ash but what I didn’t expect was that Puck will be foolish enough to get himself banned as well but who am I kidding right? love makes people do crazy things. The book follows her journey to find her father, her struggle with her love for Ash and eventually her fight for peace in Faery.

The book is exactly what you would expect but it also had a wonderfully expected ending so don’t fret, you will like it.

P.S: You already know who the new Iron King is



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