Book Review: The Lost Prince (Call of the Forgotten series)

The sequel series to The Iron Fey series; Call of the forgotten begins with The Lost Prince that tells the story of Meghan Chase‘s brother, Ethan Chase whose life has been warped since the night he was kidnapped by the Iron Fey to lure his sister into the Nevernever. There are several aspects of this book that I find a little bit repetitive and unnecessary because it reminds me so much of the Iron Fey series where it could have easily had it’s own identity separate from its predecessor.

I know it was mentioned several times in the Iron Fey series that Ash and Meghan‘s first child will cause them grieve and I would love to see that unravel but not exactly in the way its going because it all seems too obvious and expected. Julie Kagawa could have made us doubt a little bit more but I guess she wanted Keirran to seem like he was following in his father’s footsteps as they kept making reference to their own adventures in this book.

Ethan himself is one of the most impressive characters in this book as we slowly begin to like the paranoid boy who could see the fey and has learnt not to trust the fair folk. It was implied that he was also viewed has a troubled kid who gets into trouble not for the reasons other people do but because the fey would not leave him alone and he has to keep changing his school as a result of it. But he is also someone who believes in justice and just could not turn away when others were in danger which got him in trouble on the first day of his new school. Kenzie, a happy-go-lucky reporter/cheerleader took an interest in him for his broody nature and decided to figure out what was up with him “like that ever ends up well” which it didn’t and she ended up going to faery with him.

The book is not all bad but it will surely remind you of Iron Daughter just maybe a more refined version of it.

P.S: I only read the book because of Keirran and that’s why I will also be reading The Iron Traitor.


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