Book Review: Iron Traitor and Iron Warrior(Call of the forgotten)

I will be reviewing the two books in one as I honestly do not think you can speak of one without the other. Julie Kagawa continues Ethan Chase‘s story a few weeks after the battle against the forgotten that somehow showed Keirran‘s other side and might be drifting into territories that you might have guessed from the title of the book.

Iron Traitor in simple terms tells the sordid story of how Keirran betrayed his family and all of faery by one simple misguided act of chivalry. Ethan finds out at the beginning of the book that his stubborn and elusive nephew is missing once again and this time, it seems no one can track him down. After a visit from his sister to see if he knew anything, he begins to wonder where Keirran might be, knowing fully well that it would have been in relation to Anwyyl, the summer sidhe who he was in love with.

As it turns out, Keirran is exactly like his father and would do anything and make any deal for someone he loves which unfortunately might also include betraying his family. He found Keirran and sets out with Kenzie to look for a better way to keep Anwyyl from fading but they quickly found out that the way they found wasn’t the best for either party and was exactly what led to the treachery in the end.


Iron Warrior follows a few months after the event at the faery ring where Keirran betrayed Ethan and ultimately started working for the forgotten queen. With the impending was on faery led by Keirran on behalf of the forgotten queen, it was up to Ethan and Kenzie to locate Anwyyl and find a way to destroy the amulet that is keeping her alive so that they can save Keirran‘s soul and end the war.

The concluding story in the Call of the Forgotten series falls short of that of Iron Fey series and I feel she could have done better. I get that they wanted Keirran to be like his father or what his father would have become if he had not found Meghan, but it feels a bit less than what I expected. And I know happily ever after is usually what happens at the end of a good story but I need to understand their loss too which even though they lost Anwyyl didn’t seem enough.

I expected the ending too much and I wasn’t disappointed in that regard but I would have loved an element of surprise or a little flair at the end.

P.S: I read them in rapid succession even though I was flipping through and ignoring some aspects I didn’t really like.


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