Book Review: Storm Siren (What you should know)

During my weekly troll of goodreads, I found this book and read the synopsis then thought it could make for a great read. I would not entirely say I was disappointed but it doesn’t also exactly have that WOW factor I always look for in a book. Truth be told, I feel asleep twice while reading the book and that only happens when I am not really feeling the book but in its defense, it was in the first half of the book.

Lead character’s self pity: Nymia is an exceptionally rare talent who has been sold to slavery many times than she can count due to her abilities. As rare as her talent is, she has little to no control over them and she tends to kill people unintentionally which puts her in a state of wallowing in constant self pity which at some point becomes irritating. I understand that she feels remorse for what she has done but get over it already, people are still dying with or without your ability so get it together.


Insufficient romance: This is one of the things that annoyed me most in this book and sometimes the course of my sleep. I am not one to like romance but when it is present, it should be presented in a way that I am the one feeling what she’s feeling and in love with the guy “not that I don’t love Eogan” but the love story didn’t pick up until the end of the book just like every other action.

World building: I felt like the only aspect of the world Mary Weber was interested in was the weather because that, she explained in painfully details especially when it is in relation to Nymia or Colin and how they train or fight. The rest of the world is a bit vague and not properly explored like I would have expected it to.

Confusing villains: Yeah, this is another aspect I don’ get because it seems like the villains were everywhere and everyone except a handful of people. First, it was Bron who was waging the war against Faelen, then the king of Drust, Draewulf is the bad guy, then the Faelen king’s cousin, Myles is a traitor who wants the throne and so on. Please make up your mind and don’t confuse me.


Great ending: For all its shortcomings, it delivered an action filled, blood pumping finish that would have been welcomed from the get go. The fantastic cliffhanger of a ending is what crowns it the most and makes the next book worth reading.

P.S: I will be starting the next book as soon as possible so watch out for that review.



4 thoughts on “Book Review: Storm Siren (What you should know)

  1. Eeep, that’s a shame you didn’t like this one that much! I’ve had it on my TBR for a while now but I’m not in a big rush to get it haha. 🙂


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