Book Review: Siren’s Fury

Happy Valentine’s day everyone and I hope you had a good one. So like I promised, I finished the book late last night but could not bring myself to write the review but I think I’m up to it now.

So, what do you do when your almost boyfriend/the-guy-who-murdered-your-parents/your trainer gets taken over by an evil sort of werewolf who also happens to be a wizard? You try to plunge a dagger into his back before anyone notices. Yeah, I know too much right? that’s what this book is about. At the end of the first book, we found that Draewulf didn’t actually die but is inside Eogan‘s body and unfortunately, Eogan has become the king of Bron so bummer there and to make things worse for everyone’s favorite elemental, Draewulf used Eogan‘s blocking ability to cut out her elemental powers.

This book follows almost the same pace as the first book, slow, slow, slow then fast, faster, fastest. You actually get to a point where you don’t really get what is going on but you are in too deep to turn back so you push forward. As it turns out, we see Nymia go through the same level of insecurity she went through in the first book. She believed that with her power gone, she is helpless to save Eogan and she turned to the most unlikely person for help which got her something that looks like her power but is not and is a darker version of what she was born with.

Eogan on the other hand is still alive inside his own body but sharing it with the evil king who has it turns out needs something from them and wait there’s more, there is a prophecy about Nymia and Draewulf which the Bron kingdom has kept a secret for a long time but is now fully operational. The world building still hasn’t improved but the way she describes their abilities have and it seems like this version of Nymia isn’t as whiny as the old one but she is still there though.

I am still waiting for the next book though, I am rather attached to Eogan and although I am not overly excited about it, I will still read when it is released.

P.S: What is the deal with Myles snake-like words, they are really annoying and makes it very uncomfortable to read his parts sometimes.


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