Book Review: Perilous Sea

Are you looking for a great story or one that would have you glued to the pages of the book and make your heart ache when you are not reading it? this book is definitely for you. Sherry Thomas complied a great deal of intrigue and curiosity into this book making it the best decision I have made all week and this week has definitely had its ups and ups. 

Smashing Intro


If you had any doubt that you might not like the series or that Perilous Sea was not going to be as interesting as Burning sky, Sherry Thomas gave an opening act that put said doubt to rest. After reading the first chapter which was more like a prologue I said to myself, DAMN YOU because that practically sealed my faith and guaranteed that for the next 8 hours, I didn’t want to be apart from the book. I even forgot to eat until it was getting late in the evening.

Dual Timelinegiphy

The plot of the story still follows that of the Burning Sky but it was a bit different. The book followed the journey of Iolanthe and Titus through two timelines and how they navigate the events in both. I love how carefully he constructed both timelines and how detailed the story was at telling us the exact time and place of where each event took place while weaving a tale of deceit, betrayal and danger. The bad guys were definitely represented in this book and they had done it in the worst way possible. Each timeline saw another side of both Titus and Iolanthe and how their new relationship is or how it is evolving. Without giving much away, you will see how their affection for one another is different and yet so the same in either timeline and how they adjust to their new environment.

The Villain Just Got Even Scarier


If you thought The Bane‘s villainy was just an exaggerated farce before, think again because here, there be dragons. We finally get to find out why he needed the elemental mages so much and it was not to turn them into his own personal army. We also get to find out how he has been resurrecting himself even though he always dies gruesomely and its not pretty either and I can’t help but think if Lord Voldemort could have done what he is doing to remain alive, he would have done it a million times already.

New Alliances


As they were being betrayed by old friends, they gained new ones too and especially from those they never thought were friends. The previous assumption especially by Titus was that it was two of them against the world but to find out that they had others who would willingly fight for them made all the difference in the world and saved them a lot of grief in the end.

The War Begins


The book ended with the two timelines converging at a spot where they are plunged head first into the beginning of the war with Atlantis and they have to rely on their wits and each other to survive the coming battle which will take place in the next book. It was a worthy end to a most glorious book and even more so was the never wavering sarcasm that comes from Titus that just makes me love the guy more and more.

P.S: I am hitching to read IMMORTAL HEIGHTS like crazy but I had to review before I start to forget what I loved about this book.



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