Book Review: The Faerie Ring series

Let me first say, this is one of the most disappointing books I have ever read and I read John Grisham’s The Painted House. The only reason I kept on going was because I had read The Iron Fey series which bears a striking resemblance to this series and I had liked the book even though the first book was average but boy was I wrong in assuming this was up to par with it.

 Too much of unnecessary history lesson

I am a child of history and it fascinates a great deal but this book made me weary of certain british history as it bored me. I felt if Kiki Hamilton wanted me to like that bit of history, all she had to do was find a way to peak my curiosity and then lay it all out at the end but what did I get, a bunch of history slammed at me at not so opportuned moments.

Unsatisfying plot

The story was supposed to be the simple girl meets boy, girl is a pickpocket, girl steals the wrong stuff, girl finds out she was more than she seemed, girl rises to the occasion and then possibly wins the day. But what I got was girl stumbles through the whole story with a boy that was more less her handbag and another boy who may or may not be in love with her, that was never clear and all other confusing tidbits.

They all lived happily ever after

In which book does the hero or heroine goes through the entire series unscathed? This one. Tiki actually lost nothing apart from the parents she never knew which wasn’t much of a loss to her because she actually loved her new family more than the old one which made it very difficult to sympatize with her or even love her at all. Reiker on the other hand also went through the same thing, he had a family before the book’s event then he lost them before that too and he never had some kind of pain that allows the reader to associate with him or any other member of his family.

Inadequate character development

I like my characters broken and I know that makes me seem like a deranged person but it gives them a bit of substance to me and lets me love them more to know that they have been through things no other person had gone through and they came out better for it. They had overcome their inadequacies and still forged ahead to be better people and not annoy me in the worst of ways.

Love story gone soft

Most YA love stories often come across as love triangles which makes you feel like you have to choose which character you would root for. They also have this push and pull effect that allows you to further itemize your feeling for the warring factions but this book lacks exactly those things. Even though the love feels monotonous, I still want to understand the depth of their love for each other which seem to be driving their resolve.

Tiki seems like the most irresponsible queen ever and quite selfish too. Why claim a throne if you don’t intend to rule or properly do right by your subjects, you can’t keep being only loyal to your family as you should also consider those you serve too. She wanted to eat her cake and have it too.

P.S: This is the first book ever that I did not like the heroine. 


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