Book Review: Immortal Heights

You might have read about my undeniable love for Perilous Sea and I can assure you that it extended to Immortal Heights too. I was so bent on not finishing the book early that I consciously found other activities to occupy myself but like always, I lost royally to the pull of a good book. I can honestly say that this book was a fantastic wrap to a fantastic series and it is one of those books no one should tell you about or narrate to you, you have to experience it and feel every emotion, every joy, every heartbreak and much more.

Bad Ass Prologue


Like last time, Sherry Thomas delivered a most gut-wrenching prologue and I can remember saying out loud that Sherry Thomas must be wicked and also saying “a few short statement, a huge stab to my heart”. A warning to anyone attempting to read this series, don’t read snippets unless you are ready to read at least the first 5 chapters of the book because that’s how the addiction begins.

Villain was worse than I thought

giphy (1)

The Bane is such a terrible person, I know that villains are supposed to be bad but this guy is just as terrible as they get. The dream team like I began referring to them uncovered the true story behind The Bane‘s extra ordinarily long life and how he had being sacrificing people even before he started using elemental mages and you will be surprised at the depraved way he had been doing it. He’s not exactly as powerful as most of the badass villains we know in most magical YAs but what he lacked in magic, he more than made up for in cruelty.

Dream Team


A hero or heroine or in this case, both is nothing without the people who help them along the way including those whose deaths were inevitable. I really admired the devotion all of them had for Titus and Iolanthe which was one of the reasons they all ran into the danger head first without caring much for their lives as long as they brought down The Bane. They all had different personalities and different ways of dealing with the circumstances of their situations but all in all, they made a really great team.

Worthy Heroics and Great Loves

giphy (2)

In every situation, most of the characters performed their acts of heroics mainly for those they loved and this book had that in abundance. It wrote about different types of loves and different forms as well. The love of a guardian for his ward led him to do something for her sake, the love of a mother who wanted so desperately to keep her son from future harm by documenting her visions so that her son will have fair warning, the love of a lover who wanted to protect his beloved by tricking her into staying behind, the love of a woman who knew her fate but was still willing to give up her life for the cause and so on and so forth. You will be ambushed by it in this book.

Even Better Epilogue


If you thought the prologue was good, wait till you’ve read the 7 pages epilogue. After reading the first few paragraph, you will be a little bit confused as to the events that were being described but after a while, your confusion will be rewarded with the sweetest action ever. A real great ending to a wonderful book

P.S: There wasn’t as much sass in this book as the other ones but it still had it’s own fair amount and you will enjoy it immensely. Trust Me


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