Book Review: Dragons Realm

After reading the so very interesting and compelling Burning Sky series, I was ready for another heart lifting book so I picked up Dragons Realm which I have had in my possession for a while. I had never read any of Tessa Dawn‘s books before and I liked the synopsis even though it felt like it might get confusing because of the wide range of species involved, IT DID NOT.

Right from the beginning, Tessa made sure we knew what the story was about. It was not a love story between a beast and a beauty and neither was it some kind of grass to grace story. The girls were bred for one purpose and one only; to serve their dragon masters in any way they want. Scary thought right and that’s not all, even when you are tied to one dragon, you don’t really have the right to refuse another so that makes for a very complicated family dinner, doesn’t it?

Mina was taken from her home when she was 12 to be trained as one of the Sklavos Ahavi to bare the child of the dragons and also feed their hunger but she never really understood why they must do as they were told and she loved to speak up for herself and anyone she loved so on her first day in the palace, she challenged their governess drawing the attention of the eldest dragon prince to her which sparked a very basic instinct of possession in the prince.

Dante has always believed that love was a weakness that can be exploited by your friends and enemies alike and due to his tragic past, he never wanted to love anyone so when his dragon started feeling possessive of Mina, he did not know how to react to the instinct but must still follow this whether he likes it or not. What I hated most about this book was the fact that Mina was always begging for one thing or the other “Dante, pleasssssse, My prince, don’t do this and so on and so forth” you are supposed to be a strong woman so get it together or be killed already. That really ticked me off about her; she was also very stupid at some points. It is good to be brave and all but it is also important to know when to show it unless you desperately want to get yourself killed.

But I’ll still love to read the sequel so I can find out what happened to their little arrangement.

P.S: Dante is the best, the perfect combination of compassion and cruelty.


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