Book Review: Cruel Beauty

Now this is a fairy tale retelling worth reading. I came across this book through Anissa‘s blog (Shereadstoomuch) and let me say she is one of my best reviewers ever. So, I came across the book and I thought since she loved it maybe I could too and I was so right because I immediately fell in love with the book right from the first page.

Rightly Named

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The title of the book says all you need to know about Nyx as in the girl is wicked but in a kind way and like she said, her sister might be the beautiful one but she was the regal one. Thinking about her, I keep seeing Cosme from The Girl of Fire and Thorns and I feel like they could be cut from the same cloth. They will both gladly fulfill their duties to their people and family but also love just as deeply and possibly as cruelly as possible.

Beauty and the Beast in a whole new light


This is not the first beauty and the beast retelling I have read and I can’t say it was the best but I can confidently tell you that for a first book by the author, Rosamund Hodge, this book was fantastic. The whole she fell in love with both sides of the beast thing sold me at first glance coupled with the fact that they were both jealous of each other. I actually think Nyx entered that house looking for a way to escape her fate then found love in the most unusual of places and falling more for the part of the beast that was most in tune with her cruel heart than the rather almost deceptively nice one.

The Beast


Ignifex is to DIE FOR. He is charming, evil, condescending and an all round obnoxious a**hole and I love him for it. You can’t help but love the guy and I keep thinking how could I have missed his character for so long. He also slightly reminds me of Rhysand in COTAR with his ability to toy with his prey and enjoy it. MY KIND OF VILLIAN

Not So Perfect Ending


We all know that happily ever after does not exist and I love how the book sort of made sure of that. Although it also emphasized on the fact that sometimes, all might seem lost but it never truly is until we let it. Nyx was determined to find her prince even though she didn’t exactly know why she was looking for him but she found a way even when the Kindly Ones didn’t want it to be so.

Greek/Roman Reference


The book was based in the old world and in a mythical town that probably never existed but as someone who loves the Greek history, I was delighted to see how she wove a tale of rituals and stories associated with their world and well told it was too.

P.S: I’m on the hunt for another book and I’d like suggestions. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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