Book Review: Crimson Bound

Did you ever read the original version of Little Red Riding Hood and wonder what happened to Red after she and the wolf ate her grandmother? search no more for Rosamund Hodge has a very reasonable answer to that delightfully scary question. Red gets a chance to tell her own side of the story and she tells it good too making sure we know she is not a saint and not entirely a sinner either.

A dark tale of romance


What would you do to possess a person or make them love you back? This story got this question right and details how far some people are willing to go to have what they want especially when that person doesn’t want them back. The beginning of the love triangle might feel weird or rather obvious but as times goes on, you begin to see clearly who the individual characters are and how this defines the relationship that ensues from that realization.

A tale of french elite, mythical reality and vampiric tendencies


The Bloodbound and Forestborns sound a lot like vampires to me in the way their rules go and how they get a strange mark and have to kill or they die from it. It also describes a time when the elites are proud and very french while weaving a tale around the myth of the Beast of Gevaudan that terrorized the inhabitants of the region killing at 100 people at the time but rarely got to the elite. I found it very interesting that she delved so much into that era and also added a little bit of Faerie lore while including references like the Wild Hunt, The Winter Solstice, The dancing under the moonlight and so much more references to the lore.

World Building


One of the things I loved most about this book was the way she described the Great Forest. The forest was so real in my mind that I could see it in all its glory and walk through the woods myself even though it was all in my head.

The Characters


Rachelle was a girl who loved to live and who could blame her right? isn’t that what everyone wants and the only difference was that she didn’t lie about it. She knows she did a terrible thing by assisting the Forestborn in killing her aunt but she had no intention of denying it to herself or anyone and I love her for it. Armand on the other hand “pun definitely intended” was the sort of prince who didn’t exactly enjoy being prince but have to act that way for appearances sake and I loved how real he was and how he carried himself through out the book. Erec, my lovely Erec was the best character in the entire book not only because I picture him as a devilishly handsome guy but because he is well……….EREC. You will understand once you read the book.

P.S: I hope to read more of her retelling soon as I have enjoyed every one I have read so far.


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