Book Review: The Wrath and The Dawn

I read a review about this book earlier this year and the reviewer wasn’t too psyched about the book so I decided that I might not be into it too but a few days ago, I read another review that practically told me that the book checked most of my badass love story list so I decided to give it a shot and that was how I found one of my best love stories of the year even though the year is just starting.

Epic Love Story

I am not a romance novel fan as in at all but I love me some good love story when it is coupled with intrigue and wonder and that was exactly what this book was. The love story between Khalid and Shahrzard was a vision I mean they might have given the original couple a run for their money. The book was mostly seen from their POV and that gave a glimpse to the hoops they had to jump through to become each other’s soulmates. You can actually feel what they feel at any given point in time and that is one of the things I look for in a book. Get me to fall in love with the characters and I’m hooked for life.

Parallel Love Story

I can’t exactly call what was between Jalal and Despina a love story but it was just an example of another form of love that occurred in the book. The kind that usually stems from a bad decision or two but ends up becoming one of the best decisions ever. Really rooting for them

Strong Female and Male leads

Shahrzard is a strong, calculating, silver-tongued and rarely apologetic lady who had the guts to slap the most ruthless leader any of them had ever known, chastise another arrogant ruler and also a damn good archer. I love her kind of woman so much, they give the rest of us hope. Khalid on the other hand is equally strong and not afraid to let his wife take down said arrogant ruler while he sits and watch. Some might think him a fool but I know quite well that he is the ideal kind of husband except for that little clause of killing his brides after one night of marriage.

Political Strife and Desert Justice

No king can keep killing his subjects without expecting a little rebellion from them and when Shahrzard volunteered to enter the palace leaving her old love Tariq behind, she sparked a revolution like none other and caused her father to delve into black magic in the misguided attempt to save his daughter from a fate so terrible it will take her life. Khalid is not only fighting against his own people but also his uncle who rules another land and hoped to make Khalid‘s people his subjects.

Strong Finish

You’d think I had an aneurysm after the book finished because I was so enamored by the book that I started searching for book 2’s release date especially with that ending that broke my heart to pieces.

P.S: You will really enjoy this as much as I did cause it contains several memorable moments.


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