Book Review: The Grisha Trilogy

I first saw a brief review of this book on readersinwonderland and I decided not to read it until I was ready to face the entire series at once and that was exactly how it happened except I blazed through it like a hungry Morozova‘s stag.

Book 1: Shadow and Bone

This was a great intro to a most wondrous trilogy except that at the very beginning, I had to go back to the review by Anissa at shereadstoomuch and remind myself of why I taught I should read the book but after I was introduced to the Darkling, I was lost in the story and guess what, I loved the Darkling so much that I somehow resented Alina for not wanting to be evil. Weird right?

Alina is the typical commoner with an inferiority complex but I can understand her situation because who is worthier than The Darkling. Mal also showed less appearance in this book which is one of the things I hate most about a single POV book which only lets us see this from one angle.

Book 2: Siege and Storm

A sequel worth reading and I mean that. When you think you’ve gotten away from The Darkling, you should think again because he will always find you and make you pay. In this book, we were introduced to Stumhund who is as lovely a character as anyone. He is just delightful and the kind of character that is just perfect for this very gloomy horizon and well placed too. He is moderately ruthless, incredibly charming and all round obnoxious but I love him still but he isn’t still my favorite love interest for Alina, that crown goes to my one and only Darkling.

Alina in this book was stronger, more determined and a little bit ruthless which caused a rift between her and Mal with no help at all from Nikolai(who by the way was also courting her). She was lonelier in this book which gave her a little bit of insight into what The Darkling must have felt all those years.

Book 3: Ruin and Rising

An amazing end to a wonderful series. With a wider circle of friends and a more loving and encouraging Mal, Alina found herself again. She was able to move forward while remaining true to herself although on the run from the now ruling Darkling, I think she might have been happier in this book than in any of the previous ones. The defeat of The Darkling was inevitable but I still desperately wish he would have ended up with Alina and damn any other suitors or even Mal. Mal was more matured in this book and less afraid of losing Alina or afraid of her powers. He realised that he could not control the world around him or limit her just because he wants their old life back until they actually realised what the price is and they had to find a way to get past how to pay it.

P.S: It was a whole new style of writing and I had to get past all the Russian lingo but I loved it all the same.


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