Book Review: Siren’s song

The story of Nymia is a really fascinating one but could have been told better. The entire trilogy is a game of survival but not exactly so too, I felt the story lacked a significant amount of WOW factor and so was their world. I had expected the wrap to be a lot better than both of its predecessors but it ended up falling short of at least one of them which is not saying much either.

I felt like something important was missing

There are dozens of stories out there that are very similar to this story but what makes one story better than the other is the writer’s ability to make the readers forget about all the others and I felt like that was what was missing with this book and I am a bit disappointed because I expected more.

Not so fascinating world 

Like I said in my previous reviews, it seems like Mary Weber was more concerned with the state of the weather than the state of the world Nymia and the others lived in. The description of the world also contributes to how readers feel about the story and the characters too and I believe she repeated the same all through the series.

Not enough understanding of the characters and villain inadequacy

I found myself trying really hard to get some of the characters even Nymia. She wasn’t a bore but she wasn’t exactly exciting either. Also, some of the other characters were practically neglected in the book to give way to more of Nymia‘s whining “I swear she was playing  a game of he loves me, he loves me not with Eogan Also, this book was the first time I let myself admit that Eogan was black because in book 1, it wasn’t exactly clear then book 2 practically confused me more. Even Draewulf was more of a ride along and less of the evil psychotic villain he was supposed to be. Other characters such as Isobel who was supposed to be Eogan‘s one time girlfriend and evil heart-wrenching extraordinaire was downplayed to a jealous lover with a huge daddy complex. She didn’t give enough credit to the villains and that is just not right.

Great Covers

As much as I find myself not liking the books very much, I love the covers especially this last one since I get the whole idea of the gown and all so I appreciate it more now.

P.S: I kept dropping the book to do other things which doesn’t happen very often and I think Kel, the 7 year old boy in the book is the most fascinating character in this book.


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