Book Review: The Lunar Chronicles

I originally thought this series was not worth my time until someone convinced me otherwise and I’m glad for it. As much as I love fairytale retelling, I didn’t think it would be very good from a sci-fi POV and I am so glad I was wrong and it has been an absolute pleasure meeting the entire Rampion crew. 

Sci-fi’s view of your favourite fairytales

Marissa Meyer did a wonderful job of bringing together 4 of the most popular fairytales since ever. It was the perfect combination of strength, weakness, courage and most of all teamwork which was one of the most important attributes of this book. Where we expect magic, we see pure and unadulterated science and as was referred in the book “calling it magic only gives them more power”. The book made it so clear that women don’t have to be saved every time, boys/men can be damsels-in-distress too, it also showed that not everyone is perfect so we are only as perfect as we think we are.

 Great Characters

This is something you need to know about this book going in, they have some crazy characters that work well as a whole. Their individual personalities are so well constructed that they not only form little parts of the whole ensemble but also function absolutely well on their own. That being said, let me introduce you to the characters:

Cinder: As the name suggests, she is that girl who met a prince by circumstance but turns out she is more than just another moony-eyed girl pinning after the prince. Cinder is the leader of the group and rightfully so, she is resourceful, smart, kind and charismatic which is the reason the others like her very much. She is the glue that holds the group together.

Kai: Cinder’s prince who is expected to marry the Luna Queen, Levana in other to strengthen the relationship between Luna and Earth but unfortunately, he is in love with a certain Cyborg Mechanic Lunar girl. Kai is gentle, easy-going and very much the kind of politician most countries need and did I mention that he is dreamy?

Iko: The very weird andriod who is more human than machine and also happens to be Cinder’s best friend.

Scarlet: AKA Red, you might remember that she is the girl who met a wolf who ended up killing her grandmother but here it seems said wolf is madly in love with her and would do anything for her. Scarlet is a strong woman who is strong enough to bring down an alpha wolf and also stare other alphas too.

Wolf(Ze’ev): The only way I can explain his character is he is an alpha male with a lot of strength who turns into a puppy whenever he is near Scarlet but don’t ever try to harm Scarlet or he will tear you apart.

Cress: The naive Luna girl who was looked in a satellite and forced by her mistress to do whatever she is told. Cress is practically a child but also very nerdy and extremely smart and very trusting despite all the wrong that has been done to her.

Thorne: He is my favorite character of all. He is funny, smart and most of all, a criminal mastermind like he tries to remind everyone. he is also a good person who tries very hard to convince himself that he is terrible.

Winter: AKA Snow, she is beloved by all in Luna not only because she is the fairest of them all but also because she is very kind and loving to all. She is coocoo though and she could turn crazy on you in the middle of a war making her the worst wing-woman ever.

Jacin: The crazy in love guard who will do anything to protect his sweet princess although he annoys me from time to time but he is okay.

Unique Couples

Every couple in the book was unique in their own way and you find that there are different forms of love between the couples in the book which is really fascinating.

Some things are not what they seem

As evil as Levana was till the end, I pitied her after seeing how she became who she was and how she thought what she was doing was the right thing. Also, Cinder‘s mother was not the pillar of the society you would have expected her to be and so many other characters were portrayed this way as well.

P.S: The books should be read together for maximum satisfaction.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lunar Chronicles

  1. I wasn’t sure about this series at first either but I am SO glad I gave then a chance! The characters are all so awesome and I love how they all came together!! Glad you took a chance on this series and ended up loving them too 😀 Oh and thanks for stopping by earlier!


  2. Ooh, I read Cinder but didn’t totally love it but I’m excited to read the rest of the series for sure. Great review, you’ve got me even more excited!


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