How do you deal with writer’s block?

I know we reviewers might technically not be writers but we sometimes go through the same process the writers do. I don’t exactly know if that’s just me or my fellow reviewers go through it too but there are just some times that you just don’t know what to write.

Sometimes, I love a book so much that I get overwhelmed by the shear joy I get from it that I don’t know how to express what I feel to myself let alone convey said feelings to others so this is sort of a cry for help to others like me and asking desperately how they get over these moments especially since I am currently going through it. But this is how I sometimes get over my BLOCK so you might want to try it too.

Get OUT of your own head


I know we find comfort in living in our heads most of the time at least I know that I do but it is good for you to see what else is out there for you and I don’t mean another book because it is sometimes too easy to delve into another world to forget the one before so go shopping “if you are into that sort of thing”, watch a movie, take a walk, go out with friends, have a chat with your family and so on and so forth.

Do NOT pick up another book


Yes, I already said this before but I can’t emphasize it enough, drop that book right now and just do something else and trust me, it might just get you back to that neutral place where you feel safe enough to write again.

Let go of that WORLD or CHARACTER


I have found that sometimes, the reason I can’t write about a character or a world is because I am selfish and I just don’t want others to know how much I love these characters and I know I am being totally ridiculous but can you blame me? some writers are just that good. So LET IT GO!!!!

Get back to your SAFE HAVEN

I kind of feel good sam

Lastly, we all have that safe place where we feel neutral and we can think without hindrance even from our own imagination so you should definitely get back there as soon as you can cause you might find exactly what you are looking for there.

P.S: Let’s pray I can follow my own advice.


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