Book Review: Red Rising

It’s 3:19 am in the morning and I just finished reading one of the most intriguing strategy based book since Ender’s Game. This book will make you think of things you never would have thought of and feel the brutality men so often dealt one another. 

I started out not liking this book very much cos I felt it was well, a little boring. I admit that I even fell asleep after a few unappealing chapters but felt I should at least try to pull through since I read a review that told me how great the book was and I trusted the reviewer’s opinion so I kept going and I can say this to you, Pierce Brown is one hell of a writer and probably one hell of a strategist too.

A God Among Men

Most heroes tend to rise from ashes of the old especially the most memorable ones and Darrow was no different. He reminds me so much of Ender Wiggins in Ender’s Game, Percy Jackson in Heroes of Olympus and Hercules with a body built like the gods and a mind as sharp as any other, this character is the embodiment of a human war machine. His beginning was humble enough and his motivation quite glaring but you get to go on this journey of self discovery and self acceptance with him and see how he outwits his opponents and races through every obstacle. I love me some god!!!!!!

A War Game Even The Ancient Romans Would Have Been Proud Of

The ancient Romans were known conquerors and it is very clear that Pierce Brown draws much his from there conquests. The game they played was practically a game of life where you were to fight against all odds and come out as the apex predator to top your food chain. It also gives us a view in what would have happened if the Romans still ruled the earth and I know I can’t be sure but I can speculate.

Moderate World Building

Pierce Brown does a fairly accurate job of building a world that fits into what a fairly organized world would have been like. I actually like how he describes their lives and how they relate with their surroundings it makes me wanna go to Mars.

 A Touch of Katniss Everdeen’s Life

It also feels a little more like hunger games with their benefactors and proctors  watching them like some sort of sport, the kids having to kill themselves to survive and the proctors rigging the game so that only who they want would win.

P.S: I am on to book 2, wish me luck.


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