Book Review: Golden Son

Amazing, just amazing. If you thought Red Rising was quite the read then you certainly haven’t had the pleasure of reading Golden Son. It is a very fitting sequel to the strategy based book that has captured my attention these past few days.

I am so happy that the momentum that was gained in the previous book was not in the least bit dallied and here you can see that Darrow is much more than who he was in Red Rising and his quest to break the chains of slavery has not been forgotten.

The Rise of a Lion

Darrow although started this book as a mere pawn in the game of men better than he was but quickly turned the table in his favor and began the revolution that will break the chains of the empire. Even though others might think they know him, they do not and he always had something more in store for them than they might have expected.

The Top is a Lonely Place

Darrow achieved much in this book and he rose quite brilliantly to the top of the food chain but it was evident that he was someone who was very lonely. This book explored the emotional aspect to this god and how he deals with all the problems that he comes across due to that. Although he can be very good tactically, he tends to botch personal interaction especially with those he called friends. I can understand this since he can’t trust them with his most valuable secret.

Fluttering Loyalty

As much as his followers love him, there were others who followed but were not loyal and others who schemed against him just because he has achieved far more than them. The fact that he is a Red masquerading as a Gold doesn’t help his cause either especially since they always feel like he is keeping something from them which he is.

A very unexpected ending

The ending was very gut-wrenching and heart breaking too and that’s all I can say without giving much away.

P.S: Read only when you have the book 3 by your side because if you don’t, the heart break will only get worse. Luckily, I have it


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