Book Review: Morning Star

I completed this book about 3 days ago and I have been hoarding my thoughts on the book especially since I loved it so much. But as it turns out, everything must come to an end and while I wish I could live in Darrow‘s world and see how the group moves on after all that has happened, it’s impossible.

They Hit The Ground Running

Pierce Brown recovered quite brilliantly after the heart-breaking cliffhanger from the previous book and wowed us with the evolution of the characters in the book. We got to see how the events of the previous book has affected and changed how they look at things especially Darrow who had to restructure his whole strategy and find out that sometimes, it’s okay to be wrong.

A Broken Man

Darrow was still revered as a sort of hero to so many people but saw himself as less which wasn’t doing so much for his self esteem which resulted in Sevro taking the reins and doing things  he thought was best for The Sons of Ares and we all can guess how that turned out. Darrow had to go through a different kind of transformation in this book which included how to deal with the loss of friends and sometimes enemies.

Psychopathic Characters

Adrius A.K.A The Jackal is the most psychopathic bastard of them all. This guy is such a worthy adversary that Darrow had to acknowledge the fact that there was a possibility he could out-smart all of them put together. Sevro is my favorite character in the book but he is a total psycho too with the way he took on Ares persona and kept on trying to act like both Darrow and his father but still retaining that Sevro-brand of crazy.

A Wonderful End to a Wonderful Series

Morning Star is the book that brings it all together. It was a real conclusion where everybody got what they deserved but for some, what they wanted too while others lost everything that really mattered to them. Believe me, it is an end you would not want to miss.

P.S: I want to read something else by Pierce Brown


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