Book Review: The Heart of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles)

An upgrade if there ever was one. This book was far different from its predecessor while still maintaining several aspects of it as well and whether those aspects were supposed to be kept, I am still trying really hard to decide.

We Have A Bad Guy Now!!!!

Yeah, we have finally met the big bad wolf of this story in form of The Komizar who despite how it might have seemed in the last book appeared to be a young man who was power-hungry and would very much like to see the greed in everyone else. Apart from the fact that The Komizar wasn’t the kind of guy you would take home to your parents, he was also very smart, calculating and also very cruel and he only saw everyone as a tool to be used in his greater scheme. I liked him very much

A Stronger Heroine

Lia was forced to grow up in this book. She had to learn to survive in The Komizar‘s court where too much strength was seen as threat and too little was seen as a weakness. Even though she was a prisoner, she ended up captivating so many people that she became a threat to The Komizar himself whose only did what all men always do when they want to tame a woman.

I Still Don’t Get Her Gift

If Mary Pearson doesn’t stop calling the gift “a way of knowing” and start explaining what it means, I will be writing her a letter after the next book detailing how she has got to explain what she means and soon.

A Very Unexpected End

At the end, things happened so fast that I could not fully understand what was going on the first time around so I had to go back and read it all from the beginning of the chapter again. I really liked the ending and it made the whole book worthwhile.

P.S: This book was much much better than the first one although it still had it’s flaws.



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