Book Review: The Kiss of Deception(The Remnant Chronicles)

I began this novel out of mere curiosity and not exactly because I thought it would be very good. I have read several reviews on both books and most have been conflicting so I decided to check it out; Let’s just say, the jury is still out on this one.

The book started simple enough from a girl’s perspective, a girl who clearly wasn’t contented with her current situation and would do anything to get out of it. If you hadn’t read the synopsis, you wouldn’t have known straight away that she was the princess who was set to marry a prince from another kingdom but enough talk about the beginning, its what happened in the book you are more curious about.

A Flurry of Characters

It was immediately evident that the only characters that mattered in the book were The Princess, The Prince and The Assassin but that was all there was to it. The most annoying thing was the fact that the writer wanted to pull one on the readers by making us guess which of the guys was The Prince and which was The Assassin. I didn’t see a need for that seriously and I really didn’t care much for the fact that they were both sort of wooing her with different agendas and it was also obvious that the writer favored one above the others and I didn’t like that.

A Love Triangle That Wasn’t Much Of That

Love triangle only work on certain conditions and those include mutual interest of both parties that was clearly evident to them not a one-sided romance with an image of the girl you want. I actually don’t think it was worth the write and the apt attention paid to this particular aspect of the book gave me a not so lovely outlook on the book. I liked the guy she finally chose though but it sort of reminds me of The Bachelorette but without an audience. I really don’t want to read that!!

A Strong Heroine

This book had one thing going for it though, Lia was strong-willed and wasn’t one to allow herself or those she loved to be trampled on by anyone. She was a royal who fitted more as a barmaid than her role as a princess but could still command a room while wearing nothing but rags and balancing her tray on her hand. I really liked her.

What is her Gift?

I spent the better part of the book trying to decipher what her gift was and I didn’t like that either and I am still searching by the way. As much as I wasn’t fond of this book, it was still quite the read and a little bit fascinating too. I found myself wanting to know how Lia‘s story would turn out especially since she had so much to live up to.

P.S: I was really bummed about what happened on the way to Verdan though.


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