Book Review: A Gathering of Darkness(Shades of Magic series)

I began this book immediately after I finished its predecessor because I didn’t want to lose momentum and I’m glad that I did. I can confidently tell you that this book is much much more better than A Darker Shade of Magic.

An Act of Kindness gone wrong

At the end of A Darker Shade of Magic, Kell sacrifices his life to save both his brother and his kingdom but that came at a terrible price. Not only was his soul tied to his brother’s, his perceived parents treated him like the possession he was now more than ever and their people blamed him for all the atrocities that happened on The Black Night. We can say it was partly his fault but it could also be argued that other people’s participation dwarfs his own.

Delilah at it again

At the end of the last book, Lila left Kell standing while she walked away to the unknown where she found the very form of adventure she always wanted. She met Alucard who wasn’t just a privateer but also a royal noble and an adept at magic almost filling in for the role Kell played in her life but she still wasn’t moving close to danger enough, now she decided to enter into an international magic competition that she wasn’t actually picked for so you can imagine how she was planning to get in.

Magic is still corrupting

The return of an adversary with a kind of magic/darkness that had been brewing was going to pose a treat to Kell and he knew nothing about it. This is partly because they weren’t paying enough attention or they had no need to but magic is still trying its best to break out into the other London and it would use anybody to get it including Kell.

A Cliffhanger for the ages

Without giving much away, you should count your pages to the end because you are in for a delight.

P.S: I can’t wait for the third installation of this series. It was way worth the read.



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