Book Review: Rebel of the Sands

I started this book expecting not to like it since I haven’t exactly read flattering stuffs about it but to my very pleasant surprise, I actually liked the book. We didn’t start on a good note but I knew from the beginning that I liked Amani and she was the sole reason I continued the book and I’m glad I did.

Girl just wanted to be free

Some of us have had that moment when we wanted to run away as a kid and Amani was no different in wanting to escape the boring yet predictable life she was living with her aunt and uncle who would rather see her married off for good money or take her for himself. You could see why she took up gun-slinging and got very good at it. This need for freedom is the reason she met Jin, a foreigner to her part of the desert whom she could barely understand. Amani is strong, smart and also a little bit bitey; she is the kind of girl who would put a guy in his place regardless of his looks and station as she proved through out the book.

Hiding in plain sight

Disguise seem to be the order of the day in this book as both Jin and Amani wore them like a mask and I am not just talking about appearances but also about their personalities and the lies they told each other even though in Amani‘s case it was more like clever manipulation which even I did’t notice until it was mentioned towards the end of the book.

Character/World Building

I know what I expected in a desert based book and it wasn’t much of world building. I expected them to talk about the sand and how their houses looked more like those in Agrabah in Aladdin but while reading the book, all I could come up with was a western setting with a couple of people strapping guns to their sides but in the desert. The characters on the hand were well developed and you could actually feel them crawling into your heart and you feeling everything with and for them.

An end that was just a beginning

This book is intended to be a trilogy so you would expect its ending to be something that would lead to another book and it did just that but it also gave a little bit of closure in the sense that there was no great cliffhanger that would grip your heart while you wait for its sequel.

P.S: If you loved The Wrath and The Dawn, you would definitely love this.


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