Book Review: The Glittering Court

I came across The Glittering court a few weeks ago when I was looking to refurbish my TBR then I read the synopsis especially the part where it was referred to as a cross between Reign and The Selection. That particular detail was what caught my eye as I seriously loved The Selection and Reign very much so I thought this would be very interesting if it was compared to them and boy, was I wrong.

A Copy but not quite right

The whole story about a high noble woman whose fortunes were depleting and needed to marry especially into another rich and noble family was all Greer in Reign down to the Barley noble who could not say two words without including his Barley in the conversation. The whole Glittering Court theme itself was from The Selection but it was not done quite right. I felt like I was missing something big about the story and I couldn’t quite put my hands on it and then there was the falling in love with the help bit too which was also Greer except she actually still loved him in spite of the fact that he had no money of his own.

The Characters kind of tried

The book might not have much going for it in terms of story but its characters were more than mediocre. Elizabeth/Adelaide was not exactly a memorable person but I would say she was impressive even as she tries very hard to look very strong but is very vulnerable. Cedric is a love-sick puppy who says he will find a good match for her but would rather have all to himself so he keeps sabotaging things while Tamsin is that sorority b**tch you still love because you know she has a good heart. Mira is the mysterious one of the group while Jasper is the cutthroat business man who would do anything for money including selling out his own blood.

The Plot was completely lost on me

I thought the story was supposed to be about a girl who was trapped in an arranged marriage she didn’t want but ran away to be free. What I got was a girl who ran away from one marriage only to fall into another situation where you would be sold off to the highest bidder just like the one you ran from. She doesn’t exactly thinks through her plans which beats the whole strong female personality theme of the story and it limits her abilities greatly.

Their love was too obvious for everyone not to have seen it

Like Mira said, she knew right from when they were in the Blue Manor that Cedric liked her and why all the others didn’t see it was beyond me especially Jasper who is a business man and he should have suspected when Cedric took more interest in her well-being than his commission.

P.S: The book was enjoyable but it is not exactly what I expected and Richelle Mead must have really loved Reign because even the name of the main character was from the series.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Glittering Court

  1. Hm, I’ve been eyeing this for a while even though I didn’t particularly like The Selection. I’ve been seeing mixed reviews, so I’ll have to keep thinking about it. Maybe I’ll see if the library has it instead of buying it.


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