Book Review: The Mirror King

The Mirror King is a book I had been looking forward to since I read The Orphan Queen last year and I am very glad I wasn’t disappointed and in fact, I think it think I enjoyed it more than I had originally expected. The book in general was a roller-coaster and although you could have predicted some of the events that took place, the mode in which they happen is something that will take you off-guard.

The Black Knife and the Returned Princess/Wraith Queen

If you recall that at the end of the last book, Tobiah was shot by our very own teen/adolescent tyrant Patrick who sees himself as God’s gift to Aecor and Wil. But Wil could not allow her country’s only hope to die not mentioning the fact that he was also her beloved so she did everything within her power to save the guy. Wil’s persona in this book had changed in contrast with the kind of person she was in Orphan Queen, she slowly became someone who had so much to lose yet so much to gain as well and combining that with all the problems she had to face throughout the book, she also became stronger while still feeling useless and vulnerable. Tobiah on the other hand also had a lot to deal with and even though he still had the dual personality thing, you could see how his Black Knife persona was bleeding into his bored prince one.

War on all fronts

One of the reasons I said this book was a roller-coaster was because of all the issues Wil and Tobiah had to deal with. Their love life which was going up in flames with every wrong doing by The Wraith Boy (Chrysalis), Tobiah’s uncle, Prince Colin who would do anything to remain in power either in Aecor or in Skyvale, The Wraith approach getting faster and more aggressive, Patrick’s Red Militia causing all sorts of mayhem in Aecor and the pressure of being rulers of their various kingdoms. I know right? Too much for those poor kids.

Secrets are revealed

One of the most surprising things about this book was the secrets that were revealed towards the end of this book. Although you would have guessed some of them over the course of the book but the biggest one is something that will really rip you and yet feel sort of right. So keep your fingers crossed.

A Smashing Ending

In a book like this, you would always expect evil to be vanquished by the hero or the heroine or both but in the end, the true heroes came from the unlikeliest of places and it wasn’t all neatly tidied up like you would have expected but it gives it a more real perspective which I really loved. The Wraiths didn’t all just go away or vanish all at once, it was something they still had to work on and that was marvelous.

P.S: Jodi Meadows has written a book I am glad I waited for and I think you will too.


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