Book Review: The Shadow Queen

You guys know how much I love fairytale re-telling and The Shadow Queen was no different from the score of re-telling I’ve read. Authors always find ways to make the story their own even though they are imitations of classics. Although the overall feel of this book was quite appealing, I had little issues with it but they seem insignificant even as I think of them now.

Very Good but a bit rushed prologue

I love a good prologue. It introduces you either to the characters or the plot of the story and The Shadow queen’s prologue was an awesome one but it felt like too much story was cramped into 3 pages that you kind of just grasp the body of the story not the depth but it was still very good nonetheless.

Apples sometimes make you fall in love

One of the main characters in a good Snow White retelling is the Apple and yes, I mean the Apple. C.J had a very different view of what the apple should be used for and it is quite fascinating how she uses it. Don’t worry, you’ll get what I’m talking about once you read the prologue.

Magic and Dragons

Apples weren’t the only things that was twisted in this book. Why should the evil queen be the only one with magic? Why not even the playing field by giving Lorelai A.K.A Snow White magic too and did this work? Hell Yes it did. Lorelai wasn’t just a powerful magic wielder also known as Madushkas but she was also kind, smart, strategic and very beautiful which not only added to her charm but also ruled most of her decisions including saving The Dragon King of Eldr(Kol) A.K.A The Huntsman. I loved the way C.J not only chose a predator race to be the huntsman, but she chose the apex predator and found a very compelling way by which Lorelai tamed him and not because they loved each other which came long after he had already been tamed.

And they fell in love

Yes, this always happens and it is to be expected but I didn’t exactly fancy how it came on too fast. But I guess living inside someone’s mind will bring about love that fast too so we can’t blame her that much. It would have been better if she had built some kind of momentum to it at least and let the push and pull process prevail.

P.S: Irina was really disturbed as in she was coocoo


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