Book Review: (Flamecaster Shattered Realms)

Flamecaster is exactly what you would expect from a good Cinda Williams Chima book and I was so not disappointed. Although it feels very much like an incomplete story which I get that it is but I still feel it anyway. I guess this is my brain’s way of saying I want more.

After reading the first to the third chapter, I actually dropped the book and decided I could not deal with what happened until I have had time to process the heartbreak and yes, your heart will be broken especially if you have read The Seven Realms series and I confess that I am still heartbroken but I guess I understand her point of view (you’ll get what I mean once you’ve read the book).

The Same but Different

Because the setting for the book is described as one from Seven Realms series, you would expect that the story line and some things will be the same. Well, it kind of was and it wasn’t in the sense that the entire book took place in Arden where magic and its wielders were seen as heretics and demons to be vanquished but the king of Arden still has some of them in his employ to help him win his war with Raisa ana’Mariana, The Gray Wolf Queen. There is obviously a boy falling for a girl in this book but not in the way Han and Raisa fell for each other so there were all these things that would fascinate you about this new world and others that would sort of annoy you.

Mages and Warriors

The main characters of this book can be classified into two categories, Mages who were the magic wielders, Ash/Adam/Adrian and Destin who practically hated each other even though they didn’t know that much about each other but I guess you don’t like some people. Ash is the son of Han and Raisa so you can probably guess how the boy grew up; he is smart, a man with a plan, resourceful, patient, cunning and very ruthless I guess he gets that one from his former street lord of a father. Ash is a very easy character to love and he is quite good at what he does and sort of a master in spy-craft. Destin on the other hand is a mind mage who sort of seem to me like another Micah Bayar who desperately needs both the approval of his father and the king but also hates them both and wants especially to surpass his father so we should be expecting more deception in future. Warriors who had no lick of magic but are very resourceful and relevant nonetheless and shockingly, they are women. Lila reminds me of Delilah Bard in Shades of Magic Series who’s ability to blend into any situation and turn it around in her favour made her such a good spy. Lila is like the female version of Ash and in another life, they could have been twins. She is resourceful, courageous, a damn good swordwoman and very smart with a foul mouth. Jenna on the other hand is this girl who appears mysterious almost throughout the whole book.She is equally as foul mouthed as Lila and an explosives expert who prefers to live in the moment than duel on the future.

A new threat brewing 

This book’s main purpose is to introduce us to a very new and very real threat to the seven realms. Empress Celestine is the new big bad villain especially for the coming books and although we were not introduced to the empress in this book, we got to see what she will be willing to do just to get what she wants and if you thought The King of Arden was bad, it seems she is worse. So here’s to brazing myself.

After Revenge, then what?

The end was a fast-paced series of events that seems to make perfect sense but was also the beginning of an even bigger story. Ash‘s revenge was just a very insignificant part of the bigger story which I know will be as enjoyable as this book.

P.S: I could not drop the book after I picked it up again and you will see why when you read it too.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: (Flamecaster Shattered Realms)

  1. Interesting! I have this one for review and am looking forward to getting to know all of these characters. I know what you mean by books by the same author feeling a little similar but I haven’t read her other series yet. Glad you liked this one, and nice review!


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