Book Review:Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

I had been planning to write this for quite some time now but I didn’t exactly know what to write but let’s begin with the most interesting bit of the story.

A strictly militarized country that thinks it’s bigger than it actually is but is really a very small country that likes to oppress its own people, ring a bell? and that is not where all the fun ends, there is also this other country that was carved out of the same old country that was America but they don’t like each other because of difference in ideals. This is so one country I know right now but I won’t get into that.

 Book 1: Legend

This book is basically what you would expect an introduction book to be like, it is written from both Day and June’s POV which kind of gives off the same vibe. They practically think a lot alike except one was lucky enough to be born to a rich family while the other in the poorest sector of a very unfriendly country. The book was relatively interesting and very fun with lots of impossible things happening such as Day‘s building flying skills A.K.A he turned The Republic to his very own jungle gym but I don’t exactly mind that either. What I mind however is the fact that Day and June were too young for most of the things they were said to have been doing not that it was very bad and all but it felt a bit exaggerated just like their love story. They were said to have fallen in love with each other out of the blue in a matter of days while June was looking for her brother’s murderer. Although I see this as a sign of their immaturity that she latched herself to the first guy that was nice to her on the streets but that is fine too because they got better in book 2 so all is forgiven. The world building didn’t really matter to me so I didn’t pay much attention to it so I can’t tell much on that front. The book started at a relatively leveled out pace then slowly accelerates in the middle then slows down again before picking up again towards the end with a very strong finish.

Book 2: Prodigy

This book was an improvement on its predecessor as it tells a different side of the story that also lets us see that the big bad Republic isn’t filled with a bunch mind-numbing characters that just love to chuck its citizens full of plague and turn them into test tube experiments even though only one character exhibits said trait. Insecurities played a very strong role because now both June and Day are out of their comfort zones and must do things they wouldn’t do now that not one but both of them are enemies of the state. June still being The Republic‘s darling has to deal with the fact that not everything will always go her way while Day has to deal with his insecurity about June‘s love and loyalty to him. The radical group that fights against The Republic takes them in and has a very big plan for them but how does this fit into their own agenda and principles and all. Day and June also get to see The Colonies first hand and come to their own conclusions outside what others are telling them. The pace in this book was pretty much like the last one but with one very annoying event that shattered every awesome fantasy I had about Day and June which you would have found very frustrating too but I reserve my comment.

Book 3: Champion

After the triumph they had against Razor and his band of back-stabbing traitors, Day and his brother get to live the cushy life but how long does it last when The Colonies are breathing down their necks and calling for an all-out war due to the outbreak of another strain of the plague. June in her role as one of the Princeps-Elect quickly found out how hard it is to do the job of a politician and at the same time trying so hard to forget Day. Day on the other hand wasn’t doing so good himself especially on the forgetting June front. Now, the superpowers of their day have joined the fight and of course they also have their own agenda like strong arming them into giving up one thing or the other. But as always, Day is a man with a plan no matter how elaborate and stupid it is, he always has something cooking up in his head. A wonderful conclusion in deed to a very awesome series.

P.S: You can probably guess that I read this book a while ago.


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