Book Review: The Dragonian Series by Adrienne Woods

Started this book a while ago and I told myself I wasn’t going to review any of the books until I have had a chance to read Starlight and now that I am done, I am ready to talk about Blake and Elena and their world.

This entire series had all the hallmarks of a magical high school with all the drama and intrigue that comes with it. These children(if you can call them that) spend more time doing what they want than attend school especially in a community filled with other magical folks mainly Dragons and The Dragonians.

You are in for a treat really. There are dragons, strange areas, princesses, princes, wyverns, really bad men, insta-love, slow-burning love and so much more. It was like Adrienne dreamt about what a magical version of One Tree Hill looks like and put everything in writing expect it was way darker and more fun.

The Books

Firebolt – This book was a wonderful introduction into the life of Elena and the book was written from both her and Blake‘s point of view. Elena was the new girl who knew absolutely nothing about the world in which she has been plunged without a training manual. Here she meets great friends, a prince who desperately loves her and the prince’s best friend who also happens to be The Rubicon which is the baddest dragon who has ever lived and yes, she kinda has a crush on him so duh duh duh.

ThunderLight – Now that we are well acquainted with all our favorite characters, Adrienne decides to add a little twist to the game of life these people were playing and she included not just a new species which is supposed to be the enemy by the way but also stands as a rival to both Lucian and Blake against Elena. Thinking about her dragon and how she will claim him or her, she starts to here his voice in her head but she has no idea who he is and now, there is trouble on the horizon.

Frostbite – Here Elena continues her journey of self discovery trying really hard to decide which she is. Dragon or Dragonian especially with the fact that Cara, her dragon side has emerged and she is not only a dragon but as it turns out but also another Rubicon and who better to train the new Rubicon than the old one who hates her guts. This was a pretty fun book especially the training process.

Moonbreeze – This book was Elena‘s perfect payback to Blake since he has put her through so much grief and now, it was his turn to be tortured and payback was sweet until when it all went south. I loved this book so much that I could not wait to read Starlight.

Starlight – This book was a bit of a roller-coaster and it was sort of long. I guess because Blake and Elena did not get to have their sweet romance then break up then get back together drama in the earlier books, they crammed all those in this book making it unnecessarily long but still interesting don’t get me wrong just not satisfying.

P.S: You will especially be fascinated by The Dent, I know it looks insta but it is so not. Wait till they explain it to you.


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