Book Review: Waer by Meg Caddy

I found this book on readersinwonderland when Bec reviewed it and due to her views on the book (which I really respect by the way), I decided the book was worth a try.

The first thing you need to know about this book is that it is a complete book. You don’t have wait for a sequel or worry unnecessarily about when you will get to meet your favorite characters again since their troubles and hopes were addressed in this book.

A Strong Female Character

I am a sucker for books with very strong women and not just about the fact that they are strong but also that they go through so much pain but come out great in the end and Lycaea, trust me is the greatest example of that kind of woman. The book began with her trying to end her suffering and succeeded but in the process, she made another grave mistake which not only cost her but also the people that helped her. She didn’t let that stop her from bringing down the tyrant that took everything from her though so YAY HER.

Watchers Vs Gods

The Watchers are these god-like humans who keep the balance in their world. The people of the valley have the gods they worship who have uncanny similarities to the Watchers. I don’t know why this matters to me exactly but I would have liked to know if they were one and the same.

No Love Story

It was very clear that Meg didn’t want the story to be about the love between Lowell and Lycaea and to be honest, I see sense in that. The book was clearly about how the two of them took a journey to end Daeman Leldh who had taken so much from both of them and about how they brought together people of different backgrounds and races to fight him and his army. Their love was just a punch line and that was perfect for the story.

P.S: I liked it but Lowell feels like a carry-on character.


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