Book Review: Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

First question I’d like to ask Sarah J Maas, When can I get the third installment? while the second question will be Where do you get such beautiful stories and ideas from? because even though I had been waiting for this story for quite some time, I half expected to be disappointed as most of sequels tend to go this route.

But again, we are talking about Sarah who writes probably one of the most provoking books ever and let me warn you before going in, this book is not for the feint of heart if you know what I mean. I immensely enjoyed this book like any other book she has written and I know now for sure that Empire of Storms will be the book to expect in the coming months.

Now to my feelings about the book……………….

I am not a Doll(Feyre)

I so don’t want to give anything away about this book but this is so hard so I am starting with Feyre. At the end of the last book, she was gifted with immortality and adjusting to that new sensation was hard for her in the first few chapters of this book. Tamlin in his bid to protect Feyre since he felt so powerless last time ended up suffocating her in that house of theirs. She spent most of her days as a weak vessel of what she used to be and she tried so hard to get there but failed until something and someone happened then everything changed and oh how delightfully well it did. You will find out when you read the book.


When I read prior to the book’s release that a little of Persephone‘s story was going to be creeping into this book, I immediately taught of Rhysand and his deal with Feyre and how it might affect them but as it turned out, it was more to Feyre‘s benefit than Rhysand and now it seems we are headed into more impressive territory. We got to see a whole new side of Rhysand in this book, got to meet the members of his court and love them too. If you thought Lucien was a handful, wait till you meet Cassien, Azriel, Morrigan and Amren then you will indeed know what mischief is.

The World Building

If you thought the Spring court was a thing of beauty, wait till you behold the wonders of Velaris and the entire Night court that makes both Under the Mountain and The Spring Court look like parks in comparison and yes, this is how I imagined it. She built layer upon layers of beautiful scenery that you feel like you are there with them and you are experiencing the surrounding along with the characters.

Betrayal at its peak

The entire book had no dull moments but the last few chapters of the book were epic. People that could be trusted before became untrustworthy while the others well, I expected but not in the way it happened at all and not for the reasons they claimed. I was heartbroken though because it destroyed something I didn’t want destroyed at all.

P.S: The Fox as entered the Chicken’s Coop and it intends to destroy them all.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

  1. I enjoyed first book and grew to love Tamlin so I have to admit that i am worried to read this book since I am sure that author is going to switch main love interest for Feyre and I am not okay with that. But I am glad that you were able to enjoy this book 🙂


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